About UAB "Kaladoka"

Innovative furniture, destined to be of exceptional design, comfortable and long lasting. In collaboration with designers and architects, this company has created wide selection of modern furniture. Ambitious collective successfully manage challenging projects, starting from the prototypes up until project establishment. The variety of materials that we are using let us create exceptional design furniture.



We use various non-ferrous metals in the process of in the process of furtnite production. Workpieces are cut with laser, bended, welded, grinded, painted and fully processed so the customer gets a finished piece of furniture.

We have a bending machine, grinding equipment. All pieces are pricisely cut using laser leaving clean edges which cuts down on additional required work to finish the piece when using other methods, resulting in less expenses.

Contact us and let us help you achieve the best result possible for your products. We will guide you every step of the way from creating the sketches to choosing the correct materials.


We are using 3D milling centres x3, which gives us the opportunity to cut pieces from various materials in a very fast and precise manner. We cut MDF plates, plywood, LMDP plates, composite, aluminium, plastic. If it is necessary, we paint and varnish after cutting. We are able to mill around 200 m2 of MDF sheets per day.

Our engineers take on and execute challenging projects. According to your needs we will be able to sketch out your products and draw the final projections. We will constantly check and control production processes over the course of the project.

Project managers ensure each project is completed to a high standard and in time.

Furniture design ir manufacturing

We produce both, standard and non-standard furniture. We select the best and most suitable materials, so the result would be long lasting, comfortable and look aesthetically.

Using metal and wood in production, we can easily offer a full range of services for furnishing shops, cafes and hotels, as well as their further periodic servicing.


Akacijų g. 29, Vinkšnėnai 76103


+370 605 29047